Visitor Management

Make a great first impression

Whether you’re wooing clients, partners or potential new employees, make their experience at your office slick, special and safe with Bookify’s advanced Visitor Management support.

Everything you need to give visitors a warm welcome

Take the headache out of visitor management and give your workforce the space and tools to share, network and impress.

Self check-in/out

Create an efficient digitised check-in process for visitors, freeing up Reception’s time.

Instant Notifications

Instantly ping the host when the visitor has arrived and checked-in.

Vehicle Capture

Add parking requirements to the booking process and capture vehicle arrival prior to check in.


Add a single or multiple visitors to the same booking and easily change dates, times and host.


Allow easy repeatable booking by adding your frequent visitors as Favourites.

Photo Capture

Enable photo capture to the check-in process so the host can see who they’re greeting.

Customisable email

Send visitors a tailored email ahead of their visit with site specific information.


Get insight into visitor volume, cancelations, host behaviour and more.

The integrated workplace experience app for colleagues and visitors

Extend your smart office benefits to visitors to make them feel as at home in your office as your employees do. From day passes and meeting rooms, to vehicle booking and more, it’s all there to ensure a streamlined and effective day at the office.

  • Effortlessly book day passes for external visitors and colleagues, as well as parking and meeting rooms in just a few clicks on the app.
  • Send external visitors a customised email with everything they need for their visit, such as directions, site details, and security info.
  • Notify reception ahead of time with any special requests for your visitors.
Visitor Journey

It’s easy to get a day pass for individual or multiple visitors, adding meeting rooms and parking to the booking.

If your visitors have additional requirements, these can be sent to the Concierge to pick up.

Ahead of their visit, your visitors will be sent a customised email with all the information they need such as directions, site information and other instructions.

Bookify provides additional functionality for your Reception team to allow them to search through all of your day pass users, expected visitors, registered cars and more.

This helps to ensure that welcoming visitors is as seamless as possible and ensures any additional requests made via the Concierge feature are met in plenty of time.

Our Kiosk provides a quick and easy check in for visitors. Upon arrival, they simply give their name to the Receptionist who will send their details through to the Kiosk display in front of the desk.

The visitor then answers the questions on screen to finish the check in process.

As the booking and checking in processes involve taking personal data from the visitor, one of the important steps of the check in is to agree to the Terms and Conditions. This can be done digitally at the kiosk.

Once the check in process is complete, an alert will be sent to the host to let them know their visitor is in reception.

This not only saves time for the receptionist but also ensures the host is immediately made aware of their visitor.

Ensuring a safe workplace for all

We’ve made it a doddle for employees to book themselves a day pass but that doesn’t mean we can’t add extra layers of security to the booking process for visitors to give you peace of mind.

Not only that, but by gathering all of this information ahead of time, visitors can check in and out digitally themselves, giving you real-time knowledge of exactly who is on your premises.

Dedicated app

As the gatekeepers of the office, it’s important that Reception has access to extra features such as the ability to securely check-in guests.

Using the dedicated Kiosk app, which can be downloaded on to any device, your reception team will be able to access Visitor information and facilitate their check-in, ensuring a swift introduction to their host.

There’s so much more to Bookify

We may be the only smart office booking system to include parking but our other products are pretty special too. Click on the links before to find out more.

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