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The world of work has changed and agile working is here to stay. Transform your workplace into a smart office and create the optimal working environment for each and every employee, wherever they are.

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Create the optimal workplace experience

The traditional office is no longer required. The agile workforce of today needs an alternative environment to remote working where they can do the tasks that require teamwork, collaboration and group involvement.

With Bookify, you can give your employees just that with:

  • The freedom to book when and how they spend their time in the office
  • Greater choice and availability of easy-to-book meeting areas, with video tutorials for equipment use to empower users
  • The flexibility to roam the office, depending on who they need to see

Improve safety and security

Ensure the safety of everyone on your premises at any point in time with day pass booking records and state-of-the-art room occupancy sensors.

  • Limit capacity to safe levels
  • Access a full and up-to-date list of building occupants in case of emergency evacuation
  • Add thorough security checks to visitor booking process
  • Prevent access to unwanted guests
Gain a better understanding your employees’ behaviour and needs

Obtain real time and historical data on how your office is being used and by whom, giving you the ability to change your facilities to meet growing needs.

With VergeSense enabled, Bookify’s Live Floorplan feature shows the number of people on any floor at a given time, and indicates which spaces are free, occupied, or showing ‘Signs of Life’ which is where a sensor has detected an open laptop or a person’s belongings in the area.

Spot trends in meeting room requirements such as a need for larger space or more advanced facilities, or more video tutorials, and further enhance the workplace experience.

Identify users who commonly book meeting rooms they fail to use and restrict their future usage.

View adoption of Bookify’s Friends and Work Circles to see improvements in networking and team building.

Give users a platform on which to share their views on the office facilities and space to make the working environment even better.

Optimise your real estate

As the only smart office booking system to include parking as a feature, Bookify ensures every square foot of your real estate is being used to improve the employee experience.

We also offer Day Passes instead of Desk Bookings to give employees the freedom to see everyone they need to and provide better analytics of how floor space is being used.

Booking a meeting room can be done ad hoc or in advance and our End Early feature maximises availability to others.

Support your agile workforce

At Bookify, we see Hybrid Working as jumping from one desk at home to one desk in the office. That just doesn’t make sense.

The most effective approach now is agile working whereby employees have the freedom and responsibility to find their own best way of working.

Of course, letting people dictate how, when, where and with whom they work requires coordination that only Bookify can provide.

Give employee wellbeing a boost

Several years of remote working has taken its toll, leaving many isolated, anxious and overworked. Simply forcing people back into the office to sit at another desk won’t work.

Restore human connections and improve wellbeing by changing the office into an agile workspace where people can connect, collaborate, teach, guide, and grow.

Boost productivity and collaboration

Certain work tasks are easier when done alone and without distraction, while others require the creativity or energy of other people to get the best results.

By turning the office into the ideal alternative workspace to fill the gaps that home or remote working cannot, you and your employees get the best of both worlds from your working environments.

  • Turn more floorspace into meeting rooms to encourage teamworking
  • Let users see who else will be in the office on the days they’ve booked
  • Give employees the ability to move around the office as much as they need to throughout the day with flexible desk booking

Support a happy return to the office

Are your employees reluctant to spend time in the office? Eliminate any anxiety about the commute or who they’ll see there with Bookify.

  • Empower them to take control over how and when they spend their time in the office with our self-managed booking system.
  • Enable the Friends and Work Circle features to see who will be in the office when they are or to book day passes for the whole team.
  • Add parking to the booking to ensure a stress-free arrival
Reduce pressure on Reception and Office Management

Let your Reception team know all they need to about your impending visitors with Bookify’s easy to book Visitor Management features.

Capturing everything from security measures and car registration details, to meeting room requirements and other additional needs, the simple booking process means that guests can check in and out themselves, freeing time for Reception to work on other important tasks.

Rid your office manager of the painful tasks of meeting room tidying and tech support. By creating smart meeting rooms, you can see who booked each room and was responsible for any mess or misuse, taking steps to prevent it in future. There’s also the option to upload video tutorials for each piece of equipment in the rooms to ensure your users can work things out on their own..

Users can also book the refreshments and equipment they’ll need for their meetings as part of the room booking process, ensuring that all reasonable requests can be fulfilled in plenty of time.

Does your planned day in the office require extra support such as space for guests, extra refreshments or tech equipment? All of this can be arranged via the app ahead of the visit to take the pressure off reception and office management.

Ensure all office facilities are running at optimal performance by enabling the review function on the platform.

Your office management team will receive all reviews in an organised, easy to read format and take action.

Become a human-centric organisation

The pandemic caused a shift in control from employer to employee and this resulted in smarter working. To continue down this path, we believe that that balance must remain, with businesses facilitating further employee-driven flexibility. This is how people and productivity will thrive.

Make a commitment to your employees to help them flourish and get started with Bookify today. 

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