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Agile workforces can’t be tied to a desk; they require the ability to roam depending on who they need to see and what they need to get done. The Day Pass provides that freedom while also ensuring they have all they need to do their best work.

Rack Availability
Digitize your parking experience

View in real time total number of available bike racks for any given day, option to book for a single day or book multiple in a single booking:

  • Set the total number of available bike rack spaces for a given day with the option to include for electric charging points
  • See in real-time number of spaces available and occupied via the app dashboard
  • Auto release a rack space when you leave the shed for others to book
Flow integration
One booking, many booking types

Has a floor of your car park suddenly become unusable due to flood or other damage? It’s easy to reduce your parking passes for a given day or time period using the availability schedule.

  • Set your parking space default number for a site or floor to cap bookings for a given day.
  • Close floors or whole sites to cancel any bookings for specific days and alert affected users.

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology.

  • Animated splash screen with your brand logo and brand colours when you open the app
  • Brand colours primary and secondary plus logo on the main navigation page and internal app pages
  • Branding on all associated apps including meeting room booking, reception app, Way-finding kiosk and door access app.
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Straight forward booking

Straight forward space booking from any device, anytime

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