Occupancy Sensors

Make available space more visible and accessible for employees, while providing IT, facilities and real estate teams with robust workplace utilization data.

Live Data
View real-time data on the live floor plan

View in real time total number people based in any of your sites using the live floor plan feature

  • Find unoccupied areas for quiet working locations on a given floor
  • Compare booked vs actual and use data to encourage good behaviour
  • View occupancy and utilisation of meeting rooms
Energy Management
Get the insights you need to optimize your spaces & the energy used in them

Reduce costs, by knowing how & when your spaces are being used and start optimising according to the data.

  • After a period of collecting occupancy data you will start to see patterns & trends, so you will be able to understand how your spaces are actually being used.
  • Things change with people, the weather, the season and so on, but now you have the data that will keep you a few steps ahead.

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology.

  • Animated splash screen with your brand logo and brand colours when you open the app
  • Brand colours primary and secondary plus logo on the main navigation page and internal app pages
  • Branding on all associated apps including meeting room booking, reception app, Way-finding kiosk and door access app.
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