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Reach your staff – No matter there they are

Bookify helps you reach your staff – no matter where they’re located – with personal, relevant, and meaningful communications.

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Where communication meets your employees

Help steer your organization in the right direction. Finally, reach everyone with corporate updates, campaigns, and local news all in one internal communications app:

  • The right messages, for the right employees, at the right time
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters auto generated from the bulletins
  • Your company communications should come from your company, not ours. Your app can be fully branded from name, to colors, to logos, to fonts.
Effortless Bulletins
Create and distribute in a matter of seconds

Add new bulletins directly from the app and publish in a matter of seconds:

  • Schedule bulletins for a certain date and time and schedule to kill bulletin on any given day or time again.
  • Add media to your bulletin including uploaded videos, youtube videos, image galleries, documents and feature image.
  • Targeted bulletins, only send to users that are relevant, with a list of options to to include / exclude, only send to a certian site, work group, colleages or send to all but exclude certain users, the choice is yours.

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology.

  • Animated splash screen with your brand logo and brand colours when you open the app
  • Brand colours primary and secondary plus logo on the main navigation page and internal app pages
  • Branding on all associated apps including meeting room booking, reception app, Way-finding kiosk and door access app.
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