Meeting Room Management
Make your meeting rooms work harder

Being in the office together presents huge opportunities for collaboration and teamwork but finding a space to meet can be a struggle. Make this a thing of the past with Bookify’s fast and flexible booking system.

Everything you will ever need for effortless meeting room management

Turn the office into the ideal alternative workspace where your employees can come together to connect, collaborate, teach, guide and grow.

Touchless Registration

Simply walk into your meeting room at the scheduled time and the sensors will confirm your attendance.

MS Teams Integration

Create bookings on your phone or in Outlook thanks to Bookify’s integration with Office 365 calendars and Teams.

End or Extend

Need more time? Extend the booking (if the room is available) or finish it early via the app or booking panel.

Work Circle

Effortlessly add co-workers to a meeting room booking with the Work Circle feature.

Concierge Requests

Book any in-meeting requirements such as refreshments or AV using the Concierge Request feature.

Availability Schedule

Easily view the availability of all meeting rooms with options to filter for date, time and max number of people.

Booking Panel

Display each day’s booking schedule including details of the next meeting on the booking panel outside of each room.


Get insights into meeting room user behaviour, popularity, availability and more.

Disability View

Support colour blind users with icons to show available, occupied, my bookings and blocked meeting room.

Kit List

See a list of all the AV equipment available in a room to help find the best space for your needs.

Tech Training

Support users with tutorial videos for any kit included in their room booking e.g TV use, Teams set-up etc

Email Notifications

Create email notifications for reminders for 1 hour, and 24 hours before meeting start time. No Show email for meeting that have not been attended.

Hyper Flexible Booking

Bookify lets your employees easily find meeting space right when they need it, meaning they’re free to focus on work.

  • Instant view of all meeting room bookings via the meeting room availability calendar
  • Select a block on the meeting room availability if occupied you can view details on the host along with contact details
  • Reception and admin user type has the option to delete and change host of meeting
  • Option to add icons on each block to help visually impaired / colour blind users
Microsoft Sync
Teams and Calendar integration

Full Microsoft Teams and calendar sync

  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams Rooms for 2 way communication, wether booking on outlook or via Bookify
  • Edit meeting room in outlook to edit the booking on Bookify (and visa versa)
  • Add invitees both internal and visitors with auto sync to your calendar
Booking Panel
Smooth, stylish and secure

The perfect interactive display for your collaboration spaces. Our meeting room booking solution will help you find the space you already booked, or guide you to one that is available right now.

  • On the display it is clear who has booked the room and for how long
  • No longer need to disturb an ongoing meeting and you will instantly remove much of the friction related to meeting room reservations
  • Display meeting room indoor air quality including CO2, Temp, VOC and Humidity
  • Scan QR or NFC for instant ad hoc booking of meeting room.

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology.

  • Animated splash screen with your brand logo and brand colours when you open the app
  • Brand colours primary and secondary plus logo on the main navigation page and internal app pages
  • Branding on all associated apps including meeting room booking, reception app, Way-finding kiosk and door access app.
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