Meeting Room Management

Make your meeting rooms work harder

Being in the office together presents huge opportunities for collaboration and teamwork but finding a space to meet can be a struggle. Make this a thing of the past with Bookify’s fast and flexible booking system.

Everything you will ever need for effortless meeting room management

Turn the office into the ideal alternative workspace where your employees can come together to connect, collaborate, teach, guide and grow.

Touchless Registration

Simply walk into your meeting room at the scheduled time and the sensors will confirm your attendance.

Teams Integration

Create bookings on your phone or in Outlook thanks to Bookify’s integration with Office 365 calendars and Teams.

End or Extend

Need more time? Extend the booking (if the room is available) or finish it early via the app.

Work Circle

Effortlessly add co-workers to a meeting room booking with the Work Circle feature.

Concierge Requests

Book any in-meeting requirements such as refreshments or AV using the Concierge Request feature.

Availability Schedule

Easily view the availability of all meeting rooms with options to filter for date, time and number of people.

Schedule Display

Display each day’s booking schedule including details of the next meeting on the booking panel outside of each room.


Get insights into meeting room user behaviour, popularity, availability and more.

Kit List

See a list of all the AV equipment available in a room to help find the best space for your needs.

Tech Training

Support users with tutorial videos for any kit included in their room booking e.g TV use, Teams set-up etc

Meeting Room Booking Journey

You can check availability of meeting rooms on the days you’re in the office and filter by floor, size and facilities. Find an available time slot that meets your needs and click Book.

Walk up to a free meeting room and click on the 15 | 30 | 1 hour buttons to make an immediate booking. Alternatively, find available space using the mobile app or from the web dashboard.

When you enter the room you are automatically checked in with the sensors in the room. However, if you do not attend within 15 minutes of the booking’s start time, the room will be made available to others to book.

Need refreshments or extra equipment in your meeting room? Click on Concierge Request and this will send a notification to the reception staff.

If you decide to leave your meeting room early, open your check in status for the room and click on End Meeting Now. This will make the room available for others to use.

If the room is still available after your end time you also have the option to extend the meeting by 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Ensure your meeting rooms are running at their best by giving users the option to provide feedback or report any issues.

Concierge will receive all reviews to action any common issues.

Hyper-flexible room booking

Bookify lets your employees easily find meeting space right when they need it, meaning they’re free to focus on the work.

  • Create impromptu bookings in seconds
  • Book ahead, including recurring meetings
  • Order everything you need including catering and AV equipment via the app
  • Integrates with Outlook, Office 365 and Teams
Book anywhere, anytime

Find out which meeting rooms are free at a glance on the app’s availability calendar.

Filter for your exact requirements and see each meeting room’s availability in one-hour blocks. To book, simply click on an available block and it’s yours.

Check for an available meeting room on your web dashboard and filter by number of people and facilities. You can also click on the Concierge button to add additional requests to your booking.

Spotted a room nearby that’s looks free? If the booking panel by the door is green, it’s yours to take. Simply click on the 15 | 30 | 1 hour buttons to book it.

If you decide to leave early, click on End Meeting Now to make the room available for others to use.

Schedule downtime

Take full control over meeting room availability by closing areas for maintenance or special events. You can also block certain users from booking meeting rooms across any of your sites.

If any meeting rooms are already booked during the proposed “closed” period, you have the option to cancel these bookings to alert the users affected.

Equip and guide

Some types of meeting require more advanced technology than others so make sure your employees can see the facilities available in each room when they book with Bookify’s Kit List.

And if your business is rapidly adopting new tools and technologies all the time, it helps if your employees have the know-how to use them quickly and easily. With Bookify, you can upload tutorials on every piece of your equipment and software to make sure that your team can spend as little time on set-up as possible.

Understand your employees’ needs

Gain valuable insights on meeting room usage to help make the best use of your space. This could include:

  • Converting more floor space into meeting areas to foster greater collaboration
  • Improving technical capabilities of rooms
  • Enhancing front of house and catering resource requirements

There’s so much more to Bookify

We may be the only smart office booking system to include parking but our other products are pretty special too. Click on the links before to find out more.

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