How it works

Enabling agile working starts with the workspace

Learn how to turn your office from just another building with a desk into the ideal alternative workspace and watch as your people and productivity thrive.

The tools you need to get ‘smart’

Empower every member of your workforce with their very own account on the Bookify mobile app in order to plan their time and ensure they have everything they need for a productive day in the office.

It’s just as easy to view availability and book day passes, meeting rooms, parking spaces and more online via the web-based dashboard.

It’s important to us that your employees aren’t tied to a desk all day and instead have the freedom to roam depending on who they need to see and what they need to get done. To enable this, we’ve made securing a temporary workspace very easy – simply scan the QR code on the booth or desk you’d like to work at and it’s yours.

To move on, just scan the QR code at your next desk.

Our Kiosks provide a quick and easy check in for visitors at Reception.

Upon arrival, the visitor simply give their name to the Receptionist who will send their details through to the Kiosk display in front of the desk.

The visitor then answers the questions on screen to finish the check in process.

Bookify provides additional functionality for your Reception or Office Management team to allow them to search through and monitor all of your day pass users, expected visitors, registered cars and more. This ensures the processes of welcoming visitors and dealing with Concierge requests is as seamless as possible.

By tracking when and how each of your employees is using your office, you’re able to gather valuable insight to ensure you’re giving them everything they need to do their best work.

  • Turn more floorspace into meeting rooms to meet demand
  • Manage office capacity by encouraging teams to attend the office on different days
  • Upgrade your office technology to support creativity and collaboration

Work Circle is a feature available only to Bookify customers and lets users organise days in the office for a whole group of colleagues at the same time.

This includes securing day passes, parking, and adding everyone to a meeting room booking.

With Bookify Friends you can check in advance which of your colleagues will be in the office when you are.

It’s also possible to send friend requests to any colleague you want to share your day pass data with and to receive weekly email updates of when your friends are in the office.


Understand occupancy in real-time

Bookify uses state-of-the-art spacial intelligence technology to provide users with a ‘source of truth’ baseline about exactly how many people are in areas of your workspace at any one time.

Using a system of wired and wireless optical sensors across your office brings a host of benefits including:

  • capturing occupancy in the event an emergency evacuation is required
  • maximising use of meeting rooms by detecting which bookings are not being used
  • showing customers exactly how areas of office space are being used to facilitate improvements in the working environment

Learn how to make your office work harder

Gain valuable insights on office occupancy and usage in real time and historically to help manage your site more efficiently.

  • Increase workplace utilisation using reports on visitor trends
  • Assess front of house and catering resource requirements
  • Improve security and compliance with a comprehensive audit trial

Discover more

Now that you know how Bookify supports agile workforces, it’s time to choose which of our products to get started with.


It’s possible to get everything set up in under two weeks, but businesses with a large number of users or sites, or those requiring additional features, will take a little longer.

The cost of our platform is calculated by number of users, sites, products and meeting rooms. Please get in touch for a quote.

No problem. We understand that every customer will have different needs which is why our products can be purchased individually or as one package. Please get in touch to discuss the combination that will work best for you.

We require a minimum number of 10 users per company. There is no maximum limit.

Absolutely, and those sites can be in multiple countries too. The app anchors each site by its timezone so no matter what country you are in, your time zone for the booking will match the site.

And, if you need to add or remove sites at any point, we’re happy to do that for you.

Not a problem. We can work on a site-by-site basis, setting up only the products you need. For example, if you have a city centre office that has no parking, we can exclude parking management from this site.

It’s very straightforward and can be done manually via your admin account. Alternatively, we’re happy to help you.

The system is also programmed to detect inactive accounts using Office 365 and Google Single Sign on, and will automatically delete these users with customer approval.

Sure, you have the control to add anyone you wish as a user. You can also add Contractors as Visitors if required.

Of course. We can create a package of products for you depending on your needs.

Day Passes are particularly popular for tenants of serviced offices which can only accommodate a small number of their employees at a time.

Yes, we have created a number of short training videos as part of the onboarding process to get your employees up and running very quickly.

We can also offer more extensive training packages on request.

We made it a priority when building Bookify to ensure no aspect of the platform compromises our customers’ security. As a result, all data is encrypted to AES-256 and we can work with you to fulfil internal compliance needs, including Pen testing, and privacy and policy reviews.

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