Day Passes & Desk Booking

Effortless booking for hybrid & office based staff

Agile workforces can’t be tied to a desk; they require the ability to roam depending on who they need to see and what they need to get done. The Day Pass system provides that freedom while also ensuring they have all they need to do their best work, whilst also allowing for desk booking. 

Smart office booking support for your agile workforce

Give your staff the responsibility to control how and where they work and ensure that their time in the office is put to the best possible use.

Employee-driven agile working

Boost your standing as a human-centric organisation by empowering your workforce to manage their time in the office.

Flexibility throughout the day

Provide a choice of where and with whom to sit, with the freedom to change that as workload and priorities evolve.

Best of both worlds

Help your staff to craft an ideal alternative workspace within the office that fulfills all the needs that remote working cannot.

Greater collaboration

Enable your employees to work with multiple people throughout the day, scheduling meetings in advance or in real-time.

Optimised office space

Make better use of your work areas, meeting rooms and parking with real-time space utilisation analysis and reporting.

Easy add-ons

Provide a seamless workplace experience with easy to book visitor passes, parking, meeting rooms and more, all via the app.

Restore human connection

Increase attendance and change perception of office to one of community and teamwork.

Support employee wellbeing

Help your employees by giving them what they need to do their best work, wherever they are.

Work Circle
Group Bookings

Bring your team together by reserving a day pass for yourself or multiple colleagues in the same booking.

  • Reduce time spent organising days in the office for a group of colleagues with Work Circle. Add your team to a pre-populated group, and simply add this group to a day pass booking.
  • Add a single day pass for a colleague by changing the host.
  • Use the Favourites feature to add colleagues to appear at the top of the list for quick bookings.
Work Colleagues
Face to face time

Incentivise a widespread return to the office by letting employees see when their work colleagues will also be in.

  • To gain permission from a colleague to share information with each other on your whereabouts in the office, search for a user via the app and select Invite colleague and wait for the user to accept request.
  • When booking a day pass, you can check which of your Friends have booked to attend the office on your selected date. You can also select Friends to view all of their current Day Pass bookings.
  • Use the Friends feature to build an engaging culture that fosters best friendships. By encouraging face-to-face interaction and connection, your employees will be more able to support each other and share ideas.
Live Data
Availability data in Real-time

To ensure your staff can roam the office freely and use every possible space for meetings and collaboration, it is possible to provide a real-time view of what’s available with VergeSense.

  • Show which desks are free, available or showing ‘Signs of Life’ i.e. the sensor has detected an open laptop or personal belongings in the area.
  • Cancel any meeting room bookings that have not been activated within 15 minutes of the start time.
  • Give users the ability to see which floors are quieter if they’re looking for somewhere to carry out a sensitive conversation or need to focus.
Desk Booking
Book your favourite desk!

Set up desk booking for all or a portion of desks:

  • Allow for permanent based office staff to reserve there desk indefinitely or for a sustained period of time, release when on annual leave.
  • Set up a zoned for desk booking where all tables are reserved via the app.
  • See in real time what is available to be booked
  • Occupancy sensors indicate when a desk is not occupied with the option of releasing the booking if it remains unoccupied for a given time frame.

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology.

  • Animated splash screen with your brand logo and brand colours when you open the app
  • Brand colours primary and secondary plus logo on the main navigation page and internal app pages
  • Branding on all associated apps including meeting room booking, reception app, Way-finding kiosk and door access app.
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