Day Passes

Book a day in the office, not a desk.

Agile workforces can’t be tied to a desk; they require the ability to roam depending on who they need to see and what they need to get done. The Day Pass provides that freedom while also ensuring they have all they need to do their best work.

Day Pass Booking Journey

Open the app or web portal and click on Add New > Day Pass. Select the date you wish to work in the office to see availability and confirm your pass.

Want to book multiple day passes for a week or month? Simply select the calendar view and click on multiple passes.

If you’re planning to hold meetings when in the office, you can also check availability of meeting rooms and book just what you need via the app.

If you have any special requirements for your time in the office, click on Concierge Request and this will send a notification to the reception staff.

Intending to drive into the office? Select “Add Parking” and you’ll see parking availability by vehicle type.

You can also book parking for your colleagues.

Once in the office, choose where you’d like to sit, with the freedom to move throughout the day.

Secure the space by scanning the QR code on the desk or by selecting the location on the app.

Walk up to a free meeting room and click on the 15 | 30 | 1 hour buttons to make an immediate booking. Alternatively, find available space using the mobile app or from the web dashboard.

If you decide to leave early you can click on End Meeting and this will make the room available for others to use.

Thanks to Bookify’s Visitor Booking functionality, it’s easy for visitors to check in themselves or with reception when they arrive, sending an automatic notification to the host.

Work Circle

Book for colleagues

Bring your team together by reserving a day pass for yourself or multiple colleagues in the same booking.

  • Reduce time spent organising days in the office for a group of colleagues with Work Circle. Add your team to a pre-populated group, and simply add this group to a day pass booking.
  • Add a single day pass for a colleague by changing the host.
  • Use the Favourites feature to add colleagues to appear at the top of the list for quick bookings.
Bookify Friends

Get face time with the people who matter

Incentivise a widespread return to the office by letting employees see when their work colleagues will also be in with Bookify Friends.

To gain permission from a colleague to share information with each other on your whereabouts in the office, search for a user via the app and select Invite Friend. You can invite multiple users to connect at the same time.

Once they’ve accepted, you’ll be able to coordinate your time in the office.

When booking a day pass, you can check which of your Friends have booked to attend the office on your selected date. You can also select Friends to view all of their current Day Pass bookings.

Not sure which day will be most productive in the office? Receive weekly email updates of when your friends have booked a Day Pass to make the most of your time and to secure meeting space.

Use the Friends feature to build an engaging culture that fosters best friendships. By encouraging face-to-face interaction and connection, your employees will be more able to support each other and share ideas.

Availability Schedule

Make managing office capacity and availability a breeze

Holding a special event or need to close the office due to maintenance or repair? It’s easy to reduce your day passes for a given day or time period using the availability schedule.

  • Set your day pass default number for a site or floor to cap bookings for a given day.
  • Close floors or whole sites to cancel any bookings for specific days.
Live Floorplan

Show all available space in real-time

To ensure your staff can roam the office freely and use every possible space for meetings and collaboration, it is possible to provide a real-time view of what’s available with VergeSense.

  • Show which desks are free, available or showing ‘Signs of Life’ i.e. the sensor has detected an open laptop or personal belongings in the area.
  • Cancel any meeting room bookings that have not been activated within 15 minutes of the start time.
  • Give users the ability to see which floors are quieter if they’re looking for somewhere to carry out a sensitive conversation or need to focus.

Learn how to make your office work harder

Gain valuable insights on office attendance in real time and historically to help manage your site more efficiently.

  • Increase workplace utilisation using reports on visitor trends
  • Assess front of house and catering resource requirements
  • Improve security and compliance with a comprehensive audit trial

There’s so much more to Bookify

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