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Bookify – Who we are

Bookify is the employee-driven smart office creator for human-centric organisations

Developed by workplace technology specialists and informed by employee behaviour research, Bookify is a company that takes smart offices seriously.

Originally created to help one particular international organisation with agile working and site capacity management, Bookify has since expanded its services to help businesses of all shapes and sizes bring their workforces back together.

Our Mission

The nationwide lockdowns in 2020 made remote working a possibility for millions of office-based workers, bringing with it greater flexibility, increased productivity and lower costs for both employers and employees. There have also been downsides, however: less collaboration; limited communication; and company culture has taken a nosedive. 

Since then, establishing a hybrid of office and remote working has been a struggle, and understandably. Employees don’t want to lose their flexibility and control, nor do they want to hop back and forth between their desk at home and their desk in the office.

We created Bookify to transform the traditional office into an agile workspace where people can connect, collaborate, teach, guide, and grow, all under their own terms.

Our mission: To empower people to do their best work, wherever they are.

improvement in employee performance with human-centric work design
1 in 100
cite loneliness as their biggest problem with remote working
1 in 10
want flexibility in when and where they work
admit to multitasking while in a virtual meeting

Our Values

We’ve made the promise to our customers to give them the best of both worlds when it comes to agile working. This means creating an ideal alternative workspace within the office to fill the gaps that remote working can’t, whilst also empowering their staff with choice and responsibility. To deliver this, everyone on the Bookify team lives by four values:


Human-centricity in the workplace has become a priority for businesses all over the world. There is now a commitment to provide employee-driven flexibility to let both people and productivity thrive and we’ve made Bookify a key enabler for this.


Agile working within a business means letting staff decide when, how and where they want to work, in order to maximise employee wellbeing and productivity. This has to be a self-managed system to work but without overall coordination it would be chaos. Bookify provides that coordination.

Leading the way with constant improvement

We’ve created something game-changing for businesses that is based on extensive research as well as insight and experience from workplace technology experts. However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop thinking of new ways to help improve the workplace experience. 


The success of our platform depends on every employee being able to use it correctly which is why we worked hard to make it as simple as possible to use. Even the process of taking a desk or a meeting room while in the office is simple. Just scan the QR code and it’s done.

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